Eye96 at Goodstock!

Enjoy an evening of music with headliner Eye96 along with food, arts and crafts and more. For more information visit http://member.flintandgenesee.org/events/details/goodstock-9384

Bikes on the Bricks

Celebrating the 13th anniversary This unique event combines a motorcycle show and law enforcement competition! Come enjoy food,music,contests and more. For information and details visit https://bikesonthebricks.com/


Buckham Gallery presents BIG CLAY! Featuring large scale ceramics by prominent Michigan artists. BIG CLAY┬áis an invitation exhibition featuring large scale ceramics by prominent Michigan artists: Guy Adamec, Mark Chatterley, Mary Fritz, Edward L Harkness, Brian Kakas, Tom Phardel, Ken Shenstone, John Stephenson, Susanne Stephenson, and Marie Woo. BIG CLAY Read more…